Work In Sri Lanka is back!


From last year’s conference

Gather round, ladies and gentlemen, because the third Work In Sri Lanka conference is going to happen in 5 days at the Kingsbury Hotel. That’s on December 22nd, if you’re keeping track.

What is Work In Sri Lanka, and why should you care?

The goal of WISL is to spread the word on how awesome Sri Lanka is for working from. (It’s not just about the beaches). To that end, every year we host a conference that brings together expats, recent returnees and corporates so they can exchange ideas, talk shop – you know, network a bit.

We’ve also got a stellar roster of speakers: Eran Wickramasinghe, of the UNP, Hiran Cooray (Jetwing), Ajit Gunawardane (John Keells Holdings), Manjula Mathews (Dunamis Capital), Suresh Shah (Lion Brewery Ceylon & Ceylon Beverage Holdings), Arjuna Sirinanda (Brandix i3), Tilak Dissanayake (Ants Global), Sameer Nagarajan (Unilever Sri Lanka) and Mr. Prajeeth Balasubramaniam (Blue Ocean Ventures).

That’s quite a slice of Sri Lanka’s top business chiefs, venture capitalists and out-of-the-box visionaries. They’re going to be talking about stuff from country’s vision for the public and private sector where Sri Lanka is headed. There’s also a lot of panel discussions talking about employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, regional and global competition, and even what it’s like to be an expat in this country.

In short, it’s practically everything you need to know.

Why are we doing this?

Two words: brain drain.

Getting a job and getting out of the country is a thing, and it’s led to a lot of really talented people leaving these shores. Recent years are seeing this trend reversed. However, there’s also a dearth of information regarding the actual working conditions in Sri Lanka, which is where WISL comes in; we aim to provide information people considering moving to Sri Lanka. We’re entirely volunteer-run, apolitical people dedicated to showing the world what Sri Lanka is like to work from. And of course, the best way to do that is to get talented people together in one conference and let them talk to each other.

So sign up, and join us on the 22nd! Tickets are priced at Rs 3,500 and Rs 5,000. There’s cocktails afterwards.