Uprooting yourself and your family from your current home and moving to Sri Lanka is not an easy thing to do. Some people who make the move don’t like it. Many others love it. What are the conditions required to make the transition be a blisssful one?

Of course that’s not a simple set of conditions! Whether your move to Sri Lanka will be a happy one or not depends on many many variables, many of which are deeply personal to you and your situation.

These pages showcase some people who have made the move to Sri Lanka successfully. Our objective is to give a cross cutting set of success stories – with the hope that you will be able to relate to at least one of these stories and use the information to mould your own plans.

We wish that your move to Sri Lanka will be a grand success and that your story will be chronicled here one day!

Are you a success story?

Are you a person who moved to Sri Lanka who’s willing to be chronicled here? If so please please drop us a note and we’ll take you up on it!