As with any country, you need to take necessary precautions and use common sense with regards to purchases, obtaining services, personal safety, hiring staff, business dealings, etc.

Sri Lankans are generally very hospitable and willing to assist, but unfortunately there are some bad apples out there.

Some precautions to take:

  • When hiring staff, seek referrals and ask for a copy of their National Identification Card.
  • When purchasing goods compare prices with other shops, check the item carefully before buying, obtain receipts, check about returns policies and where possible buy from reputed sellers.
  • Enter proper legal agreements when entering business partnerships
  • When having repairmen enter your premises, ensure valuables are locked away.
  • Watch out for confidence tricksters.
  • Avoid being in unlit, secluded areas alone.
  • Consider having CCTV installed at your house or business premises.
  • Consider having ‘Dash-cam’ fixed to your car.
  • Apartments and gated communities are generally safer.

At the same time, we suggest that you:

  • Avoid being over cautious and paranoid
  • Be friendly and courteous to all. You will most likely get that in return.
  • Get recommendation from trusted parties.
  • Respect local customs and religious practices.