When moving to Sri Lanka your choice of residence is a very important consideration. In these pages we will try to help you figure out a good answer to that question. As always, if this doesn’t give you enough clarity please do contact us.

This article initially focuses on living in and around Colombo. Over time we will add more information about other cities, especially those that are connected via the upcoming highway system.

As with real estate in any large city, its all about location, location, location. Better locations have pleasant neighborhoods, superior urban infrastructure and of course comes with a higher price tag. Colombo is no exception – prime locations are amazing but expensive.

The first question is do you you want to rent, buy or build? Renting is of course much easier to do than buying or building! The second major decision is whether its an apartment (“flat” for those of you coming from UK/AU) or a house. Given that options and information are different for each combination we’ll take a look at them separately.