Over the past two decades Sri Lanka has made significant strides in the quality of its special education. The government has introduced policies and programs to improve special education in consultation with Unicef, and several government and private institutions offer specialized teacher training.

A number of leading schools in Colombo and the main cities have learning support and special needs programs. A good example is Ladies College, Colombo 7. (66, Ernest de Silva Mw, Colombo 7. Tel: 11-2574303). For children with slight conditions, these would be a good option.

Below is a brief list of Special Education Schools in Colombo and suburbs:

Access for mobility impaired (wheel chair access) may be limited in most schools. However, schools would often assist by allocating ground floor classes and building access platforms where possible.

Employment Opportunities

Furthermore, companies, organizations and the government are now looking at hiring and creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Sahana Sevana’s ‘Hope Cookies’ (See: http://www.nation.lk/edition/fine/item/18623-hopeful-cookie-makers.html) and Thusare Talking Hands (http://www.ft.lk/2012/11/24/talking-hands) are two heart warming examples.

For Parents

There are also programs for parents of special needs children, to help them cope better and give the best possible assistance for the children.

Prior to your move, a good idea would be to visit several of the schools that offer the facilities and talk to the persons in charge to ensure that the teaching techniques and facilities are to your expectations.