Founded in August 2005, WSO2 is a global enterprise middleware corporation with offices in USA, UK and Sri Lanka. Providing the only complete open source middleware platform, WSO2 is revolutionizing the industry by putting traditional middleware on a diet and introducing lean, powerful and flexible solutions to address the 21st century enterprise challenges. With its revolutionary component-based design, WSO2 middleware adapts to the project for a lean, targeted solution to enterprise applications. Fully cloud-native, the WSO2 middleware platform is also the only open source platform-as-a-service for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments available today. With WSO2, seamless migration and integration between servers, private clouds, and public clouds are now a reality. All WSO2 products are 100% open source and released under the Apache License Version 2.0. Contributing to key international standards organizations and foundations such as W3C, OASIS, OpenID Foundation, Infocard Foundation, Microsoft’s Interop Vendor Alliance, AMQP Working Group, oCERT, and Cloud Security Alliance, we possess the critical skills and experience to competently manage your problems in an open and transparent environment.

Our team consists of experts in their respective domains, who have helped define numerous Web service standards and norms which are widely used today such as XML, SOAP, Apache Axis/ Axis 2, Apache Synapse, WSDL and much more. We are motivated by passion for work, driven by a free, open and collaborative company culture that centers on client satisfaction and integrity. The glory and success of WSO2 invariably lie on the fact that it has been nourished by the best-of-breed experts from its humble beginnings to this day.


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