STAX a global strategy consulting firm

Stax Inc is a global Strategy Consulting firm with offices located in Boston, Chicago, New York and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our relationships span a decade or longer with public and private corporations, private equity firms, their portfolio operations groups, and portfolio companies with about 25% of work coming from clients in Europe and Asia and 40% having a major international component. We provide premier corporate and private equity clients with actionable answers based on deep research and analysis. Our Corporate clients range from $200 million local companies to $30 billion global corporations (including 27 of the Fortune 500) and Private-equity firms across the size spectrum (including 14 of the 20 largest LBO firms in the world).

Our staff has unmatched opportunities for personal growth. We offer unique diversity of experience for staff members at all levels. Our engagements involve 4-12 week deep dives into varying industries, companies, customer groups and geographies. Our consultants work across an array of project types and quickly gain exposure to a wide range of industries. We work with investment firms of all sizes and companies across life stages, from early growth to mature. You’ll learn the different perspectives of corporate managers and investors of every type, the various elements that go into running and growing companies and how best to be a valuable partner.

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