MAS Holdings is the region’s leading manufacturer of intimate apparel, performance wear and swimwear, of the most respected brand names in the world. With an annual turnover surpassing USD 1bn Our 38 world-class apparel facilities spread over ten countries provide employment to over 55,000 people.
Our design, innovation and manufacturing excellence inspire the world’s leading fashion and retail brands. Our products and services are enhanced by a vertically integrated supply chain, and supported by a full scale lean enterprise platform. We have broadened our focus beyond apparel, to provide SAP-based IT solutions to the global apparel & footwear industry.

MAS Holdings also owns Sri Lanka’s first international lingerie brand, amanté, and has diversified through design and manufacturing to encompass lifestyle and fashion solutions.

Our people are our pride; a global team distinguished by our passion and drive for excellence. We nurture our people into world class champions.

We draw strength and support from our community as a responsible corporate, whilst investing in their wellbeing and that of future generations.

At root, MAS is not just a business; it is truly a way of life.

Do you see potential in the impossible? Do you possess a daring of the self to accomplish the extraordinary?

Come and join in our 55,000 global associates who are distinguished by passion or drive for excellence in all we do.

Go ahead unleash your true potential…. If you dare:

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