Information and communications Technology(ICT) is an increasingly powerful tool for participating in global markets, promoting political accountability, improving the delivery of basic services and enhancing local development opportunities. However, without an innovative ICT strategy many people will be left behind. The information and communication Technology Agency(ICTA) of sri Lanka is the single apex body involved in ICT Policy and direction for the nation. Wholly owned by the Government of Sri Lanka, ICTA is the implementing organization of the e-Sri Lanka Initiative. Major Donors include the World Bank, funding a number of the Agency’s initiatives.

With a Vision:

“To harness ICT as a level for economic and social advancement by taking the dividends of ICT to every village, to every citizen, to every business & to re-engineer the way the government thinks and works”


  • Aggressively build the necessary connectivity infrastructure throughout the country to connect villages and towns to the world
  • Create the enabling environment including the enactment of regulatory reform together with the acceleration of enabling laws for e-government and e-commerce and promote public-private partnerships
  • Develop human resources at multiple levels to support national development
  • Modernize the public sector and deliver citizen services through e-government constructs
  • Promote sri lanka as an ict destination renowned for producing best of breed in niche global markets through the use and adoption of technology and support public – private partnerships in ICT service provision
  • Bridge the digital divide with applications aimed at poverty reduction and social development


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