Founded in 1999, CodeGen is a private limited company which has offices in London, United Kingdom and Colombo, Sri Lanka. With a mission “ To be known globally for first mover end-to-end ICT solutions” and a vision for “Crafting high quality, intelligent ICT solutions by a community of dynamic professionals through continuous research and knowledge sharing to optimize business processes of corporate enterprises”, CodeGen Uses cutting-edge technology and pure web services, to deliver  fully scalable, high performance solutions to leading organizations. We pride ourselves in making the best use of the latest technologies available in order to satisfy growing demand for fast, efficient and effective solutions. We are a market leader in delivering solutions, and with HLML5 and GWT in development for the ultimate dynamic on-line experience, we maintain the strength of these solutions with active R&D, as well as on-going feasibility studies dedicated solely to emerging technologies. We have already internationalized a local software brand and earned a good reputation, as well as being a very customer focused Software Company, we employ more than 180 staff world-wide from accountants and HR staff to developers and R&D managers.

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